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Belgium Client Review of Inflatable Sealed Spray Booth | Waterproof Free Standing Paint Booth | 20x13x10ft

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6x4x3m/20x13x10ft white and gray sealed spray booth use in the Belgium. It is easy to set up in your workplace. More convenient for you to spray cars. It’s a perfect size for regular car spraying. The spray booth made with PVC vinyl, 100% waterproof, don’t afraid of the weather, you can use it anytime any where. And it’s free-standing, sealed unit; it completely stands alone, without the support of blowers, and the size can be customized. If you are a professional painter, you need to spend nearly a whole day to restore it correctly when you have a painting job. But it is not easy to have the inflation blower to run all day. So, our design made the structure be sealed and it doesn’t need the blower running all day, it can stay inflated for 120 hours, no blower and no noise, it’s great.

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On-site repairs can now be accomplished to the very same high standard as in the completely geared up, traditional bodyshop. Another copyrighted idea from the award winning HNJOYTOYS Firm. The brand-new mobile Workstation is particularly made to meet new and also suggested regulation being introduced to safeguard the environment from harmful discharges; particularly, discharges of traditional products commonly used in the repair service of automobile, for instance paints, solvents, cleaners, fillers and so on. The brand-new Workstation is properly a totally working, mobile paint-booth utilizing a 4000 CFM air supply system and also industry-standard filter media both on the input as well as the exhaust. As a matter of fact, these are the identical input and exhaust filters employed in the extra standard paint-booths utilized in the motor trade, in this instance with the enhancement of filters on the exhaust. This offer superior performance and also a ventilating air movement throughout the system.


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