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Fully functioning portable paint booth

Fully functioning portable paint booth
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Fully functioning portable paint booth

Do you always think that your Auto Body Paint Shop is full? Have no space and clean work environment??

Don’t worry. Our inflatable spray booth can double your work-space in only a few minutes flat!

We can customized the spray booth as your requirement. Whatever you are painting whole car or small items like wheels, car fenders, bumpers, hoods, trunk lids, quarter panel, blends, helmets. We have the booth for you.

Even if you want paint bus, aircraft, boat, motorcycle, furniture, you can find a suitable spray booth from us. Also for SMART repairs, Express Mobile Repair, in anytime anywhere.

Follows are one customized paint booth for our client for your reference. 10m L x 5.2m W x 4.5m H (33ft L x17ft W x 15ft H), it's a fully functioning portable paint booth.

Our client can paint his car in a safe and clean environment.