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Philippines Client Review of Small Paint Booth | Small Car Parts Spraying | 3x3x3m/10x10x10ft Spray Booth

By HNJOYTOYS 5 days ago 5 Views No comments

Small Spray Booth made for our Philippines client, he bought one 3x3x3m,10x10x10ft spray booth and use it spray some car parts. A small booth can be your go-to booth for almost any need when it comes to work spaces and SMART repairs.

Main features of small paint booth:

  • Replaceable filters: Exceeds 98% capture efficient rate, can be assembled quickly and easily
  • Clear window: Keeps your booth bright and fully light
  • Convenient doors: With Velcro to make installation easy
  • High power fans: Imprinted with quality, efficiency, and durability
  • Meet/Exceed Quality Regulations: Meets EPA 6H rules, provide high-performance standards

Usage of small portable paint booth:

Painting Wheels,Hoods,Car Fenders,Bumpers,Truck Lids,Color Blends,Motorcycles,Helmets and Accessories,Quarter Panels,Pin Striping,SMART Repairs,Small Parts or Hobby Work,Woodwork,Cabinets,Industrial Parts,Small Boats and Jet Skis,Lettering and Wraps,Mobile Work Anywhere

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Australia Client feedback of Inflatable Paint Booth

By zc l 6 months ago 110 Views No comments

This spray booth is we customized for our Australia client, the size is 6x4x3m, 20x13x10ft, it’s a perfect size for regular car spraying. It can be used indoors or outdoors.



✓For over 15 years inflatables manufacturing experience.

✓Customers from over 40 countries.

✓Possess the most advanced spray booth and filters manufacturing technology in the industry.

Welcome to cooperate with us. You will get high quality service and high quality products.

Fully functioning portable paint booth

By Hnjoytoys 1 years ago 121 Views No comments

Fully functioning portable paint booth

Do you always think that your Auto Body Paint Shop is full? Have no space and clean work environment??

Don’t worry. Our inflatable spray booth can double your work-space in only a few minutes flat!

We can customized the spray booth as your requirement. Whatever you are painting whole car or small items like wheels, car fenders, bumpers, hoods, trunk lids, quarter panel, blends, helmets. We have the booth for you.

Even if you want paint bus, aircraft, boat, motorcycle, furniture, you can find a suitable spray booth from us. Also for SMART repairs, Express Mobile Repair, in anytime anywhere.

Follows are one customized paint booth for our client for your reference. 10m L x 5.2m W x 4.5m H (33ft L x17ft W x 15ft H), it's a fully functioning portable paint booth.

Our client can paint his car in a safe and clean environment.