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Ready ship to the United Kingdom | Inflatable spray booth made for our UK client.

By HNJOYTOYS 1 month ago 29 Views No comments

8x4.6x3m, 26x15x10ft inflatable spray booth made for our UK client. Ready ship to the United Kingdom. We can print your logo on it for free. Welcome to inquiry.

For our new design spray booth, made some improvements, you can see we put the filters on the front door, the overspray can be pushed to the filter system directly. It's good for spraying.

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US Client Review of Inflatable Spray Booth | Meets EPA 6H Rules | 26x15x10ft

By HNJOYTOYS 1 month ago 42 Views No comments

US client ordered one 26x15x10ft spray booth via Alibaba. It's more safety and fast. He received the goods and love it. The spray booth meets EPA 6H Rules, exceeds 98% capture efficient rates, it’s eco-friendly. Both safety for people and environments.

It's convenient to use, we will provide two air blowers, one air blower for inflated, one air blower for ventilation, this air blower will blow the air through the intake filters and provides fresh air in the booth, push the overspray, dusts, fumes and so on to the exhaust filters directly.

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Switzerland Client Feedback of Small Spray Booths

By HNJOYTOYS 4 months ago 63 Views No comments

5x4x3m, 16.4x13x10ft white inflatable spray booth used in the Switzerland. It is easy to set up in your workplace. More convenient for you to spray small objects.

Thanks for this client feedback photos.

Small Spray Booths have many uses in every industry. A small booth can be your go-to booth for almost any need when it comes to small workspaces and SMART repairs.

Our Switzerland clients use it to spray some artworks. It will provide you a clean and safe environments to spray.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inflatableportablepaintbooth/photos/

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inflatable spray booth worked well in windy days

By Hnjoytoys 4 months ago 63 Views No comments

Inflatable spray booth is made with heavy duty oxford cloth which is durable to use. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. If it's windy day and you have to worked outdoors. We will provide sandbags and theres plenty of built in loops around the top corners,got some tent ropes to tie it down to a fence or something! So it worked well in windy day. Follows are our UK client feedback.


Spray booths for small furniture painting and drying

By zc l 6 months ago 93 Views No comments

HNJOYTOYS booths are fully functional spray paint booth, has multiple uses. Spray booths can be used for small furniture painting and drying,

HNJOYTOYS is a leading company specializing in the inflatable paint booth with over 15 years inflatables manufacturing experience. Possess the most advanced spray booth and filters manufacturing technology in the industry. Our spray booth is easy to set-up and take-down, it only takes minutes. It is made by heavy duty puncture-resistant 210D Oxford nylon which allowed to be heated and cooled. We will provide 2 air blowers, one blower keeps the frame inflated and the other blower will be for air ventilation. The inflatable paint booth provides an excellent environment for any situation while conforming to the new rules implemented by the EPA regarding the 6th rule to protect the environment from damaging emissions. We are happy to say they are with all technology, each booth exceed requirements of 98% capture efficiency. The strong air blowers will provide enough airflow inside, so no needs to worrying about cars or buildings covered in overspray. We believe in quality first.


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Australia Client feedback of Inflatable Paint Booth

By zc l 6 months ago 110 Views No comments

This spray booth is we customized for our Australia client, the size is 6x4x3m, 20x13x10ft, it’s a perfect size for regular car spraying. It can be used indoors or outdoors.



✓For over 15 years inflatables manufacturing experience.

✓Customers from over 40 countries.

✓Possess the most advanced spray booth and filters manufacturing technology in the industry.

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Large Inflatable Paint Booth for Aircraft

By zc l 7 months ago 108 Views No comments

Custom spray booth for Biplane, it’s easy to set up and you can use it anytime anywhere, allow items to be placed in the booth without affecting the floor system, allowing users to maintain a completely clear environment for spraying. It’s also affordable. Welcome to inquiry.

The photo is the spray booth we customized for our client for biplane spraying, the size is 8x4.6x3m, 26x15x10ft, with enough space for this object.


United states Diuntae Ward feedback

By hnjoytoys 1 years ago 151 Views No comments

Large-size Portable paint booth can be used to spray bus

By Hnjoytoys 1 years ago 134 Views No comments

Customer's feedback about Hnjoytoys inflatable spray booth

By Hnjoytoys 1 years ago 137 Views No comments