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U.S. client feedback video of small inflatable spray booth

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Small Spray Booths have many uses in every industry. A small booth can be your go-to booth for almost any need when it comes to small workspaces and SMART repairs.

Its curtain-style door offers flexibility whenever you need the extra workspace or for off-premises mobile work.


Painting Wheels,Hoods,Car Fenders,Bumpers,Truck Lids, Color Blends,Motorcycles,Helmets and Accessories,Quarter Panels,Pin Striping,SMART Repairs,Small Parts or Hobby Work,Woodwork,Cabinets,Industrial Parts,Small Boats and Jet Skis, Lettering and Wraps, Mobile Work Anywhere

Follows are our U.S. client feedback video. He bought one 3x3x3m,10x10x10ft spray booth. Looks great.



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