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Leading manufacturer of Portable paint booth with patent, Over 10 years exporting experience in inflatable industry.

Hnjoytoys designs and manufactures inflatable paint booth with patent for the automotive and industry sector, they are designed to make body repairs in an environment similar to traditional spray booth and whatever the weather constraints, it especially protects the environment against damage related to the paint and solvent emissions.

Portable paint booth with advanced technology airflow for the collision repair industry. A clean working environment can be achieved in any location you need with a mobile paint booth set up. Our commitment is to provide the most ECO friendly mobile paint booth on the market not only for the businesses we serve, but the people around us as well. Finally, a Portable Mobile Paint Booth / Bedliner Booth created to make your  business efficient and profitable.

Hnjoytoys is the legal manufacturer for portable paint booth, please check our patent shown on Google patents

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 Beyond the economical aspect, inflatable spray booth offers many advantages such as mobility, space saving, low energy consumption, ease of installation and storage with professional quality work at an affordable price 


The paint mist is evacuated by means of a motor placed at the rear of the cabin, which sends a large flow of air passing through the pre-filters and allows to direct the paint mists, To the filtering walls at the front of the inflatable spray booth which are fitted with an activated carbon filter.


The inflatable paint booth is equipped with traditional cab filter and pre-filters to allow incoming air to be filtered and to protect paint emissions to the outside.

Grow your business:

 If you're looking to add a revenue stream, a portable booth gives you the room to grow. You can even start a business from scratch without the requirement to lease a large space.

As you use an portable paint booth, you can save a considerable amount of time in the painting jobs. You can utilize the time in taking more jobs. Thus, you can witness an increase in the revenue in no time.

Low maintenance:

If you follow teardown instructions, you automatically maintain your booth properly, improving its lifespan and keeping it running at peak performance.


This one is in the name, but with convenience being one of the top things many customers want today, the ability to take your finishing business to them is a big selling point.

Save space: 

When space is at a premium, portable booths allow you to set up only when you need it, and then pack it away until the need arises again.

Spraying in a controlled environment saves on materials. No more inclement weather, blowing wind and dust to ruin paint or increase the amount used.

Sets up quickly: 

How much time you need for setup varies widely (again, these booths vary in size from tabletop to big enough for an airplane). In every case, though, setup is simple and intuitive.

High level of professionalism

With the aid of portable spray booth, it is possible that you can take accomplished care of the surrounding environment along with their vehicle. Thus, you confer an impression of higher professionalism to your clients.

Have More Control

No more worrying about nearby cars or buildings getting covered in overspray. Drastically reduce the amount of materials used painting outdoors.

Portable Spray Paint Booth Applications

With so many advances in the technology, you can use a portable paint booth for the same applications as a permanent booth.

Woodwork and crafting:

If you do fine and detailed work, such as woodwork and crafting finishing, portable paint booths offer a great alternative, especially tabletop models that quickly set up and tear down.

Automobile paint and body work:

If you're looking to open a body shop, or offer mobile detailing, a portable booth may be a good option. They offer the same intake and exhaust systems as traditional booths, with the same environmental protections.

Large equipment and truck finishing:

 For everything from construction equipment to semis to train cars, you can find a portable booth in just your size.

Aviation finishing:

You can also find sizes for aircraft finishing, from helicopters to airplanes.