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Why you choose Hnjoytoys inflatable paint booth?

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1.Do Hnjoytoys inflatable paint booths work?

Hnjoytoys Inflatable paint booths work by providing an eco-friendly, dust free, clean environment to contain fumes while painting your car. If used correctly, it will dramatically improve the quality of the paint finish and reduce the number of paint particles and gases released into the air.

2.How much are Hnjoytoys inflatable paint booths?

Hnjoytoys Inflatable paint booths cost between $500 and $3000, depending on the size, quality, material, and accessories. Hnjoytoys paint booths offer low prices and great value.

3.Are inflatable spray booths any good?

Hnjoytoys inflatable paint booth is a great option. It's made of high-quality durable materials. The big advantage is a very good filtering system,exceeds 98% capture rate. Excellent quality makesHnjoytoys have a huge customer base and excellent customer feedback. You can watch the video or click here to get more customer feedback.

4.Why you need Hnjoytoys inflatable paint booth to paint a car?

Hnjoytoys inflatable paint boothprovides a myriad of safety and quality benefits, not the least of which being that your paint job will just plain look nicer. That's a strong reason on its own to invest in a spray booth.

5.Can you paint a car at your house?

The EPA does allow you to paint your vehicle at home as long as the paint you use is water based or plastic bound. Hnjoytoys inflatable paint booth conforming to the new rules implemented by the EPA-6H rule to protect the environment from damaging emissions.

6.What is a paint booth used for?

Image result By confining the application of hazardous material to a controlled environment, paint booths prevent hazardous overspray from causing fire or explosion, control air-fuel/mixture so that a combustible combination cannot occur and ultimately, provide a clean environment in which to paint.

7.How wide is a paint booth?

Standard sizes for spray booths in the automotive industry start from 7m up to 9m/10m in length and 4m – 4.5m wide. Hnjoytoys inflatable paint booth provide different sizes of 10X10X10FT/3x3x3M,20X13X10FT/6x4x3M,26X15X10FT/8x4.6x3M and other sizes, we also support custom sizes to try our best to meet customer needs.You can click Hnjoytoys website:https://www.hnjoytoys.com/ to get different sizes of inflatable paint booth.

8.Why is it important to have a spray booth in a paint shop?

As your paint or other spray coatings dry, dust and debris can settle onto the surface. Hnjoytoysinflatable spray booth provides an area free from dust and other debris so you control what's applied to your products. Hnjoytoys inflatable paint booth exhaust filtration tested EPA rule 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart 6H compliant, exceeds requirements of 98% capture rate.

Best Inflatable Paint Booth Review in 2021(Commercial Inflatable Paint Booth Brand)

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North America Client Buy Inflatable Paint Booth - Customized Spray Booth According to Your Requirements

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HHNJOYTOYS is a leading company specializing in the inflatable paint booth, for over 15 years inflatables manufacturing experience. Possess the most advanced spray booth and filters manufacturing technology in the industry.

We have a client from Martinique wants to made a customized inflatable spray booth, as follows:

Dimensions : 7mL x 4m W x 3m H (23ft W x 13.1ft W x 10ft H)

Air Blower: offered us a professional 3-speed intake fan with 4050CFM for ventilation and a 950W fan for the structure.

Logo Printing: for our logo

Plug: the European standard 220V for France

Is it possible to have this composition:

-The bottom structure would be in PVC Tarpaulin 0.6mm

-The roof and walls would be made of 210D Oxford fabric, semi-waterproof and non-flammable

-The windows would be PVC 0.45mm thick, transparent

- Could I have many hooks to maintain the structure outside?

- Could I have many fixing hooks (every 80cm) inside to attach lights.

For these requirements we all can made. We will made 3D Sketch for client confirmed before we arrange production. And change it for free according to your needs. Follow is 3D Sketch and End Product:

Welcome to inquiry.

  • -Sales: Kathy
  • WhatsApp/Mob/Wechat : +86 18538757528
  • Skype: joytoys004
  • Email : [email protected]

​Waterproof Inflatable Spray Booth - First Choice of Working in Rainy Days

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As you know it always rains in England, so fully waterproof was the first choice. Waterproof inflatable spray booth customized for our United Kingdom client, Let’s have a test of waterproof.

This size is 8x4.6x3m/26x15x10ft, it’s a perfect size for SUV, Van. The spray booth made with waterproof roof, don’t worry about the weather in the UK, you can use it anytime any where. It’s easy to set up and store. Welcome to inquiry (EBW-002 8x4.6x3m/26x15x10ft)

You're painting at an inflatable paint booth, Suddenly, The rain starts coming, then the inflatable paint booth starts to leak, What do you do?

Don’t worry, let us help you. Today, we're gonna show our latest waterproof inflatable paint booth.

But First, we're gonna talk about our raw material.

What's one HUGE difference between normal Oxford Cloth and Hnjoytoys Waterproof special Oxford Cloth?

The normal Oxford Cloth lets water and contaminants soak in.

once water starts pouring on it you can see where it gets soaked into the fabric and starts to leak.

Hnjoytoys Waterproof Inflatable Spray Booth Uses a special cloth,

That DOES NOT let water and contaminants in.

In the video below I'll be testing normal Oxford Cloths and Hnjoytoys Waterproof special Oxford Cloth. I'll be doing this by pouring the same amount of water on the surface of each fabric sample. If no water drops on the floor, then we can be sure that the fabric is waterproof

How do we get a completely waterproof paint booth?

The secret is HNjoyToys use of customized oxford cloth, with coatings like polyurethane, silicone, or laminated material. Another secret that allows our mobile paint booth to be waterproof is that our seams are taped over to prevent water from going through the tiny holes in the stitching. So now you know how we make out products here at HnjoyToys. At Hnjoytoys our waterproof paint booth uses tough waterproof material, and we tape over all the seams to prevent water leakage so you can use it in even the rainiest weather.

Welcome to inquiry

Contact: Kathy

WhatsApp/Mob/Wechat : +86 18538757528

Email : [email protected]

Website : www.hnjoytoys.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/inflatablepaintbooth/

​Inflatable Paint Booth Buyer's Guide-How to Buy High Quality Spray Booths

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Inflatable Paint Booth Buyer's Guide

For many projects, portable spray booths are more flexible and cost-effective than permanent structures. From small tents for individual hobbyists to industrial-sized booths that can be moved to large machines or equipment, there are many options on the market. Before you buy a portable spray booth, please understand the advantages and disadvantages of different models to find the right product for your project.

Overview of the Inflatable Paint Booth

Like permanent paint spray booths, portable paint spray booths can provide professional paint coating and an environment that can reduce dangerous inhalation, fire, or other safety risks. Portable booths also provide other benefits, including:

  • Opportunities for business growth:

Without being tied to a fixed location, portable booths can enable you to grow without committing to long-term leases or expensive infrastructure.

  • Easy to maintain:

Portable booths are easy to keep running. Follow the disassembly instructions, including steps for maintenance, reducing repairs, and wasting work time.

  • Lighting:

Portable booths are easy to set up with free natural light sources outdoors. Illuminating your work with sunlight can easily find problems and achieve the best possible results.

  • Portability:

Bring your booth to the worksite and have the flexibility to meet on-site, which gives your business an advantage over competitors who require projects to be delivered to permanent booths.

  • Space flexibility:

For multi-purpose workspaces, portable booths can be packed to make room for other production stages, and quickly set up when the painting is needed.

  • Quick setup:

Although larger booths require more setup time, all portable booths are easy to follow instructions and can be set up with minimal effort.

Inflatable Paint Booth Application

The spray booth is suitable for various jobs and projects. The portable booth can be used to complete the same set of tidying tasks like many fixed booths because it can travel to the workplace. The following are just a few possibilities:

  • Woodwork - Small inflatable paint booth is very suitable for small woodwork and craft projects.
  • Automotive - For mobile beauty or expansion to the body repair industry, regular portable paint booths provide intake and exhaust systems.
  • Heavy machinery - For large trucks or manufacturing equipment that is not suitable for use in standard indoor stores, super large portable booths can be used on site.
  • Aviation - Small commercial aircraft and private jets usually require rapid body repairs in the hangar.

Inflatable Paint Booth Pricing

The price of each booth varies according to size, model, and additional components (such as exhaust and loading systems). The following ranges are only basic estimates for starting the budgeting process:

Small portable booth: $500-$750

Mid-size car working place: $1,000-$1,900

Large-scale heavy machinery booth: $2500 +

How to Test Fireproof Material - NFPA-701 Certified Inflatable Paint Booth

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Fire Proof Spray Booth

This material is fireproof oxford nylon used by HNJYOTOYS inflatable spray booth,which is NFPA-701 approved. You can see There is no Vigorous burning , no material molten dripping.

This is the common oxford nylon material, look, the burning is vigorous and there are many material molten drippings.

This material is flame resistance PVC used by HNJOYTOYS INFLATABLE PAINT BOOTH also NFPA-701 approved. This is used for windows, doors and roof. There is no Vigorous burning , no material molten dripping.

Mobile Paint Booth - Why Choose A Portable Spray Booth - Reviews

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Hey guys I'm Sam crack and I've been trying to master an at-home paint job for a little while. Now I've had a few successes but I always have one major issue and that is bugs my Corvette Grand Sport bumper, a little Bug embedded itself deep in the clear coat ruining the whole thing, had to refinish the entire bumper two or three times over on my Focus RS, a few gnats decide to have a party right in the base coat. I haven't even got to refinishing that it's pretty clear to me I'm missing one big part of the puzzle and that is a clean room when you go to a body shop they paint in a spray booth, so I bought my very own spray booth and it's right here in this box that says made in China.

Let's see if it's any good this is an inflatable spray booth if anybody knows what that says right there in Chinese. Let me know we got a lot of unpacking to do let's get this thing unraveled roll out and see how it works.

So this entire thing roll out of that sack right there its massive just to show you how big it is, I'm about six foot one and this is how much space I take up just laying on I think we got this thing oriented right you can see there's clear plastic parts that's so like you could see through into it, but there's two ends you're supposed to be able to drive an entire car in this thing. We're gonna find out whether that's possible or not and then at the end right over here we've got the two air inlets. We're gonna put two blower motors right here and it's gonna blow air into this thing inflating it and also circulating air inside so I'm assuming you don't die while you're painting a car.

Alright I think we've got this thing adjusted, it's huge I can't believe how big it is but I don't have any stakes in the ground and I don't want to flying away, so I'm gonna do right now here let's check this out. How am I supposed to even get Ernest part our paint booth is set up. It's secured I ran out to the store got a couple of these tent stakes like if you're going camping these are about 75 cents a piece got one in every single corner and now the thing isn't moving too much even though we've got a cross-breeze the wind is blowing, this way right now I want to take you for a quick tour of this thing and I know you're wondering what do you mean a quick tour, it's just a big empty inflatable room well no there's actually some really cool stuff going on here that makes it unique now. Obviously we got these big air chambers all around to give the booth its structure, but remember there's two blowers on the outside there one is for fresh air in the booth, so that you're able to breathe, so that there's ventilation that's really important when you're painting and these things right here, you can see there's four of them, there's one right here, one right there and then two over there these are actually a filtration system. So you can see this velcro you peel it off there's a filter behind that filtering out all the bugs all the dust, all the debris that could be entering in here. Obviously, we've got this placed outside stuff that would ruin your paint job. It's got a complete filtration system and ventilation system. How cool is that now behind those two filters over there is actually a segregated room here.

Let me take you on the outside and show you in between the two filters there's actually a zipper to allow access in and out of the main room here and then you've got this little segregated room right here, you can also access it from the backside. There's a zipper right there but I'm gonna go right back here because it's kind of loud with the blowers running this is where you're gonna keep your paint system or your tools necessary to paint, whatever you're painting so if you got a compressor you go you wheel it in right here if you've got what we've got a turbine based paint system you put it in right there you run your air lines and your power in right here and then everything stays right here again, that way so you have less things in the room with you when you're painting, so things don't get dirty and contaminated of course we've already talked about the sheer size of but look at it up next to the barn it's almost as tall as the barn. It's huge and I like these windows on the side let's you see in if you're inside lets you see out, it's just kind of nice it lets that natural light and while you're painting talking about light if you wanted some added lights, people like to have a room lit up when they're painting. So they can see what they're doing you've got all sorts of hooks on the inside to hang whether it's just a light or something else you got hooks on all four corners. There being that this is one of the smallest cars in the market today, this is a good gauge to show you how much room you actually have and I parked it further over on the passenger's side but say that you wanted to paint a side of the car you'd have plenty of room, there's a good I don't know three feet four feet from the doors to the wall of the paint booth and now if you parked it in the middle you get a good three feet probably on each side the rear right here is where you'd end up zipping the booth up, so you got several feet behind you and we've got several feet in front of us the obvious that people will be working on cars a bit larger than this I've got a compact SUV let's drive that in here and see how much room we've got our Lincoln SUV is much more representative of pretty much the average car, a lot of people are driving midsize SUVs small SUVs and we can see there's still a good amount of room really on all sides. We have a couple feet up here. We definitely have about three feet here you've got another three feet here we check out the roof if you had to do some paintwork or bodywork on the roof, you're gonna have plenty of room to set up a little ladder in here and spray there's still a ton of room in this thing so even though it looks novelty it seems really functional as I said earlier.

We're gonna be using a turbine based paint system that is this small little box right here yes no big compressor all you do is plug it in to 110 you flip the on switch, right here you've got an air hose that comes out here connects to your hose and spray gun that's it no moisture filters no pressure regulators just the box a size of a toaster and we're going to be spraying base and clear using this system.

During our first round of paint on the front bumper, it was cold outside. I was using the wrong reducer and I messed things up quite a bit I went and scuffed it all down flat. You can see the problem areas right in here but this should just require maybe one or two more layers of base coat it'll be finished ready for clear I brought in the rear bumper as well now which has been completely primered scuff, so right now I want to try and nail down our base coat.

And this is one of the drawbacks of a blow up spray booth it's unpredictable, so what happened just now is that it must have been too much electricity for both fan motors and our turbine system be running and it cut the power to it I went I reset the breaker I swapped the power cord on the turbine unit to another breaker, so we should be good, let's resume our painting and we're lucky that we caught that in time that could have been an absolute disaster base coat laid down really nice smooth and even on our rear bumper the color is spot-on and now we just have to wait a few minutes before we're able to spray.

Our clear coat on it and when I started spraying the front bumper especially in the troubled area it was clear I didn't put enough prep work into it, there are a few runs and I didn't sand them down well enough, you could see them through the base coat that I was spraying and if we went and sprayed clear over this it would just basically highlight it, so I'm gonna put this off to the side wait for it to dry and get it prepped the right way next time I'm gonna take you through that process and a lot of things I learned while painting these bumpers in an upcoming video check this out there is my bumper it is freshly clear coated can't see it really well through these windows here, but I'm going to let this sit with the booths zipped up for probably a couple hours before I move it outside and put the booth down it looks pretty good I finally did a decent job. Now I'm sure there's a few you out there wondering how much did I spend on this thing. That's a great question I was inspired to buy one of these inflatable spray booths when I saw some similar inflatable booths on Amazon that were ranging between like five and seven hundred dollars but they weren't as nearly as big as this one is it'd be tough to fit an entire car in one and so I went and started searching around and found a bounce house manufacturer that would build me one a custom size. So this one you should be able to fit a Ford f-150 in it and I paid a thousand dollars just for the booth alone the two blowers we're about a hundred dollars apiece they range anywhere from like eighty to a hundred and fifty dollars, so total I minute around thirteen hundred dollars, yeah it's not extremely cheap but it is extremely effective and it is substantially cheaper than building an actual spray booth but it does come with a handful of drawbacks the only other drawback I could tell you about this thing is that it is big and it is very bulky as you can see it's still not completely deflated after sitting probably about 30-45 minutes after I shut the fan Motors off and putting this thing away is kind of a nightmare, I'm already dizzy and tired but it's gonna take me a little while longer to wrestle with this thing so do me a favor out there if you enjoyed this one be sure to give it a like also if you're not ready follow me on Instagram go right here click the link in the description box below where I post pictures of things like the inflatable spray booth before they go live on YouTube guys I want to thank you very much for watching I will catch you very soon you.

Portable Inflatable Paint Booth - How to Buy High Quality Inflatable Paint Booth

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Inflatable Paint Booth Description

Inflatable paint booth meets EPA 6H rules,with replaceable filter system,inflatable paint booths exceeds 98% capture efficient.And we put the filters on the front door,the ventilation air blower can blow the air through intake filters,provide fresh air in the booth,push the Overspray to the exhaust filters directly. It has better airflow in side, so it's good to prevent the Overspray.

Specifications of Inflatable Paint Booth

  • Outside dimensions: 8mL x 4.6mW x 3mH (26'L x 15'W x 10'H)
  • Inside dimensions: 8mL x 3.6mW x 2.5mH (26'L x 12'W x 8.2'H)
  • Material of inflatable paint booth: Light weight specially coated Nylon and Polyester, Glass clear PVC
  • Color: Gray

Inflatable Paint Booth Package Includes

  • 1 x Inflatable Spray Booth
  • 1 x Repair kits
  • 8 x Sandbags
  • 1 x Inflation Blower
  • 1 x Ventilation Blower

Why Choose an Inflatable Paint Booth

  • Affordable and simple

It is expensive to build a new spray booth. You don't even have enough space to build it? This mobile booth is designed to allow you to space anywhere you need it at a lower cost.

  • Portable work

The biggest advantage of a portable spray booth is that you can take it wherever you need to paint or as a workstation. So many uses! A safe coating device that can be carried around, can be carried around almost anywhere, and takes up minimal space during packaging and storage.

  • Customized sizes and colors

We will customize different sizes of the inflatable paint booth. We offer the booth in a variety of colors. This could be a definite advantage if you want to use the booth for trade shows.

  • Promote business development

After using the portable spray booth, when you enter your door through the portable spray booth again, you no longer have to worry about closing the PDR, refinishing paint or bedding. Increase your income - be able to paint anywhere in any weather and you will be able to take on more work! When your business is full of work, don't lose money anymore. Inflatable car workstations can double your workspace in minutes!

  • Efficiency and liquidity

This mobile bedding booth is easy to set up, store, and ready to use - never turn to another opportunity to generate revenue.

  • Safe environment

No matter where you use the mobile spray booth, you don't have to worry about environmental issues. The inflatable spray booth is safe for people and the environment.

  • Convenience

More control - don't worry about overspraying buildings or cars. It can be set up in 5 minutes in almost any weather and can be easily stored when not in use!

  • Flexibility

Turn any space into a clean and safe environment by moving the spray booth and observe your patching business growth.

  • Simple to use

Finish painting in a few minutes - when you're done, it will fold up in a compact manner. You can tuck the inflatable station into the corner of the store until you need it again.

Why Choose Our Inflatable Paint Booth

  • Meets EPA 6H Rules

We are the only supplier that in China market meets EPA 6H rules, we have test report and it will come with the packages. It is suitable for commercial uses.Our company's filters technology exceeds EPA's emission efficiency requirements for capture efficiency, exceeds 98% capture efficient rate, and can be assembled quickly and easily.

  • Meets OSHA ventilation

OSHA requires at least six air changes per hour. The inflatable paint booths come with 2 high power blowers, with CE/UL certification. One inflates workstation structure in 3-5 minutes. The other one provides fresh air for inside working space, meets OSHA requires that at least six air changes per hour.

  • Replaceable Filters

Our company's filters technology exceeds EPA's emission efficiency requirements for capture efficiency, and it's replaceable. And the filters for the paint drop removal are made with Velcro at the fabric body, so you can updated with new filters, it's more convenient and practical.

  • Customized sizes and colors

We will customize different sizes of the inflatable paint booth. We offer the booth in a variety of colors, comes in several exciting colors, including red, gray, black, green, white, yellow and blue, to match your company colors. This also could be a definite advantage if you want to use the booth for trade shows.

Welcome to inquiry portable inflatable paint booth



Yes, the spray booth can be heated and cooled.


Our sizes can be customized to fit your needs. The small size is 3x3x3m,10x10x10ft, and it can fit a whole motorcycles, car parts. The regular size is 6x4x3m, 20x13x10ft, and it can fit a whole regular car. For best selling size 8x4.6x3m, 26x15x10ft, it can fit a whole SUV, Van.


The spray booth has four huge clear windows, this lets in ample natural light. If you feel you need more, stand lights can be placed outside the unit and directed through the clear panels. And we also have inside cord fasteners, it can be tied the regular lights inside.


The spray booth inflates in less than seven minutes and deflates in less than ten minutes.


Yeah, better airflow system for you. Our portable paint booth has the best quality EPA 6H filters, for 99% exhaust filtration fresh. And we would provide you 2 pcs CE/UL air blowers with free charge. One: inflate the portable paint booth structure. The other air blower provides the fresh air for the working space inside.


Yes, free logo printing.


Pvc carry bag or carton.


Yes, we offer the ce or ul approved blowers, according to your local requirements.



Surina Client Review of Mobile Paint Booth - China Manufacturer

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8x4.6x3m/26x15x10ft inflatable paint booth made for our Surina client. He has own Auto Body Shop. The spray booth is easy to set up and you can use it anytime anywhere, allow items to be placed in the booth without affecting the floor system, allowing users to maintain a completely clear environment for spraying. It’s also affordable.

Follows is our Suriname client feedback photo for your reference.

We can print your Logo on it for free, it looks great.

Welcome to inquiry.

Contact: Kathy

WhatsApp: +86 18538757528

Email: [email protected]

Mobile Spray Booth For Sale - US Client Review of Mobile Paint Booth | Meets EPA 6H Rules

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US client review of mobile paint booth, a small booth can be your go-to booth for almost any need when it comes to small workspaces and SMART repairs.

What is up guys welcome back to Overspray. In today's video we're going to be doing a review and demonstration and discussion of a inflatable spray booth, a couple you guys we're interested in a couple videos that I did with the mobile paint booth, so in this video I'm actually going to be putting it to use and let me know if it's worth the money.

So first and foremost you guys could see that I'm pretty much setting up the booth all by myself and really there's no need to have two people but you know it does help obviously if you have more than one person helping you usually two people is a good amount of people to help you, and honestly the time it took for this spray booth to get fully inflated was pretty much under three minutes that's from you know unloading it and putting it out of the bringing it out of the truck and then bringing out the blowers in and actually inflating it so from zero to fully inflated now.

I probably would highly recommend it it's just gonna improve the amount of overspray that's actually inside the spray booth. So I can't remember what number of coat this is, I think it was probably like my second or third coat of single stage paint I can't remember. I think it was my second actually and one thing that I did notice was the overspray was actually pretty manageable, it wasn't too terrible there was. I think for the most part being that this is an inflatable spray booth and it's actually a mobile spray booth as well. I think for the money, I think it presents a really interesting concept as far as being environmentally friendly, because as you guys could see I am painting in between two large buses,or actually one small bus and one 40-foot bus and after I was done spraying this emergency door here on from a bus, I went out to go check the overspray on both of those buses and none of them had overspray which kind of leads, you know kind of tells you how well this thing is actually keep capturing the overspray that that's coming off from you know from painting.

So to be honest I think the mobile spray booth is actually worth the money. I think it represents a really unique environmentally friendly solution to painting outside.You know as you're painting outside especially if you're painting yellow like I am you know that yellow attracts a lot of bugs mosquitoes and you know all sorts of different insects and they love yellow and not only that they love paint as well, so I think this really can't improve somebody that is used to painting outside that is getting a lot of trash and bugs and all that kind of stuff you know painting within the elements I think this is a big upgrade I didn't see any bugs I didn't get any trash which was a you know a big plus for me and not only that this spray booth did really seem to capture a lot of the the overspray, so you know a lot of the but the buses that were next to where I was painting weren't getting any overspray, so that is actually a big plus as well which you know if you're a mobile guy may be painting bumpers or maybe a small dealership where you know you guys don't have a body shop or anything like that because small dealership may be having this inflatable spray booth might benefit somebody's business you know or a mole maybe like I said maybe a mobile repair guy or maple a mobile paint painter or bumper refinisher or whatever you want to call it. yeah I think this really brings something valuable to your business because you know like I said it's you're not getting overspray all over the car so if you're painting multiple parts or multiple bumpers a day or something like that and you're in one location you know you could have those cars lined up right right then and there right outside the booth and not have to worry about the cars getting a bunch of overspray so that is actually a very cool little feature there like I said it's the sealed pretty well for the most part I you know like I said I didn't see that much trash which you know. I was very very happy about now as far as the overspray goes.

Also I got a couple questions from or subscribers of mine also asking about EPA, so this does meet EPA 6H which you know it's basically 98% filter capture at least that's what you know certified that's what they're certified in, and also like it like I said they come with paperwork. So that they're actually proving what they're claiming so that is a big plus they actually have certification proving that you know they do meet that type of requirements one. Last, look at the spray booth from the outside, as you can see, it's actually pretty tall like I said it is a 10 foot by 10 foot by 10 foot so 10 foot wide 10 foot tall 10 foot long as you could see the exhaust filter did a great job on catching a lot of that overspray, and yeah like I said I did go around and feel all the the buses that were nearby of the spray booth to make sure that they didn't have any overspray and you know kind of feel it and usually you can feel that just by rubbing your hand on the if it got any overspray anything and there was none, so I was actually very happy about that now the spray booth does come with two blowers that is what is included at least with my spray booth I did get two blowers included the filters are included as well as you know obviously the the spray booth is going to come, and a couple little extra things I think it comes with like a bag so you can store it in and stuff like that but anyway that's going to be my inflatable spray booth review. Hopefully you guys enjoyed and as always stay spraying.

Mobile spray booth for sale, welcome to inquiry