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July 2019

hnjoytoys reputation

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AUTO BODY SHOP Feedback from Youtube in regards to hnjoytoys reputation

A Auto body shop from Canada had been brought portable paint booth from Hnjoytoys, the link the vidoe when he is painting

Hnjoytoys specialized in inflatable industry more that 10 years, Lots of customer recommend Hnjoytoys

We developed paint booth, Now hnjoytoys is leading manufacturer for inflatable paint booth in the world, lots of dealers, body shop etc always brought inflatable paint booth from us, we get extremely wonderful Hnjoytoys reputation

Madagascar auto body shop for getting Wheels, cabinets painted with Small Paint Booth

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Dear Friend

We are very pleasure to share our successful case for Madagascar Dominique VIBART to you.

1. Madagascar Dominique VIBART Instruction

Dominique VIBART has a paint shop in Medieaval Valley, Tanjondava - Talatamaty - B.P. 156 - IVATO AEROPORT - ANTANANARIVO 105 - Madagascar. It is mainly responsible for spraying some small parts. They have good painting equipment, but there is no satisfactory painting space. They want a space that is not particularly large but can satisfy their painting work. So we recommended size is 3 meters long, 3 meters wide and 3 meters high(10 feet long, 10 feet wide and 10 feet high) portable paint booth to meet their needs.

2. Madagascar Dominique VIBART feedback

They gave us some feedback pictures to express their favorite for portable paint booth. He comments " the size of this product is very suitable. Thanks to our portable paint booth for bringing them a lot of convenience. They have used the portable paint booth to complete many perfect jobs".

Our Portable Paint Booth is perfect for getting those small parts painted. Wheels, cabinets, woodwork, model RC planes, helmets, airbrush work-you name it, it can be painted easily in our paint booths!

We can supply any size,You choose the size, we will give it to you... it's that simple!

3.product details


Name: Oxford cloth Portable Paint Booth

The size is 10 feet long, 10 feet wide and 10 feet high.

The portable paint booth has all the features of a traditional workstation, Our booths can be used for a wide variety of painting applications, or any application of your choosing.

Please let me know if you are interest

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WhatsApp/Wechat/:MP+86 150 3719 2732

NFPA 701 flame resistant material for mobile paint booth

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All materials used by Hnjoytoys in the construction of our booths are NFPA 701 Certified(Including CLEAR PVC and Nylon material)

This material does not burn vigorously and no material melts and drip. Provide you a safe environment to painting cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats and etc.
contact us to get more details

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WhatsApp/Wechat/:MP+86 150 3719 2732