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Philippines Client Review of Small Paint Booth | Small Car Parts Spraying | 3x3x3m/10x10x10ft Spray Booth

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Small Spray Booth made for our Philippines client, he bought one 3x3x3m,10x10x10ft spray booth and use it spray some car parts. A small booth can be your go-to booth for almost any need when it comes to work spaces and SMART repairs.

Main features of small paint booth:

  • Replaceable filters: Exceeds 98% capture efficient rate, can be assembled quickly and easily
  • Clear window: Keeps your booth bright and fully light
  • Convenient doors: With Velcro to make installation easy
  • High power fans: Imprinted with quality, efficiency, and durability
  • Meet/Exceed Quality Regulations: Meets EPA 6H rules, provide high-performance standards

Usage of small portable paint booth:

Painting Wheels,Hoods,Car Fenders,Bumpers,Truck Lids,Color Blends,Motorcycles,Helmets and Accessories,Quarter Panels,Pin Striping,SMART Repairs,Small Parts or Hobby Work,Woodwork,Cabinets,Industrial Parts,Small Boats and Jet Skis,Lettering and Wraps,Mobile Work Anywhere

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